A few words from our CEO.

I am delighted and honoured to have been asked to serve on the board of the Caresso Law group by its shareholders. My 25+ years in litigation and legal insurance underwriting, funding and operating high tech companies - including operating and helping to design and build two licensed 3G mobile core networks - places me in a unique position to drive rollout of this lawtech business forward for the benefit of all present and future clients.

Lee Jones
CEO, Caresso Law (International) Ltd
Caresso Law (Litigation SPV) Protected Cell Company Limited (incoporating Caresso Law (EU Litigation Fund) Cell, a wholly owned cell of, and operated and represented by, Caresso Law (Litigation SPV) Protected Cell Company Limited).

We're a global legal services brand with a sanction screening service.

Caresso Law is a litigation funding and legal services brand that provides related support services to business around the world.

Our sanction screening business is part of our core systems, and offered as a value added service to our valued clients.

You may have never used Caresso Law litigation funding services before. And you may never need to do so. You can still take advantage of our highly subsidised sanction screening services.

Browse to our main Caresso Law, website for more information on our litigation funding and legal services.

The small print explained.

Our services are principally directed at the small to medium sized business needing to conduct fully managed compliant screening at a fully inclusive low cost. As our services are principally batch driven, we are well suited to accountancy practices, realtors / estate agencies and those that have a database of clients that they need to screen pursuant to compliance legislation. *Our full terms and conditions are available here.

AML Lite is a permanently free and unlimited global sanction checking service. By sending an email to [email protected] we will reply within 10 minutes to confirm if the entity being checked appears to have a 'hit', in other words matched against our global database of sanctions and watchlists. The reply will simply notify if there is a Saction or PEP 'hit'. It will not provide recursive daily screening like AML Pro. Whilst you may make an unlimited number of searches, we throttle throughput to avoid system overload.

AML Pro is also an unlimited global sanction checking service. It provides a dedicated login to our secure portal where you add / remove and edit entities and relevant filters that we recursively screen overnight, every night. There is no limit to the number of searches, or entities that you can screen, and it is designed for batch import (and export) as well as ad-hoc updates. The service is both simple and easy to use.

**AML Pro also includes KYC Pro, and gives you 10 free digital-ID checks, performed against compliant chip enabled e-passports, whereby we access and verify the human likeness of the passport photograph embedded on the chip for added security. Thereafter each check is charged at 1 euro. KYC Pro is a new feature due to be rolled out in Q3 2023. We also provide volume scanning for financial institutions and other organisations requiring high-volume, inline, secure API access on request.

And a few words from an accountancy client:

"As a well-established firm of chartered accountants and registered auditors we partnered with Caresso Law to provide unlimited daily recursive sanction and watch list screening - something we found hard to match. Their service involves no tie in or pre-payment, is seamless, reliable and saved us around 70% on competitive solutions."

Source: PWH Accountancy

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